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This small city winds its way up the mountains of the Rif range and is rich with Berber culture and famous for its stunning blue-washed architecture; a definite must-see.

Hike the waterfalls and enjoy the beautiful blue-washed walls of Chefchaouen.Take a hike around the Rif mountains and end your day back in the medina - city center - with a warm cup of mint tea.Save a day or two to visit this low-key coastal town, and you’ll immediately appreciate its charm — and forget why shoes are a “thing.” In Essaouira, you’ll encounter barefoot travelers enjoying the sand between their toes, local woodworkers, and surfers chasing the break as you wander the strand along the shore.Contribute to programs that encourage girls to fulfill their potential, while delivering public health solutions to improve overall well-being.Women undertake more than 7 times as much unpaid work than men.

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